Educational Opportunities

By leveraging the immersive capabilities of virtual reality, educators can transport groups of students to diverse locations around the globe, far beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. This technology enables learners to explore and interact with different environments, from bustling cityscapes to remote natural wonders, facilitating a deeper understanding of world geography and cultural diversity. VR Travel Expo is an invaluable supplemental learning tool across multiple disciplines including Earth, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences, as well as Ecology and Conservation, Climate Studies, Sustainable Development, and Hospitality Management.

Previewing Itineraries

We offer travel enthusiasts the opportunity to explore immersive itineraries, enabling them to preview and prepare comprehensively for their journeys. Through virtual tours and detailed simulations, users can familiarize themselves with destinations, cultural experiences, and travel logistics, ensuring a well-informed and enriched travel experience.

Virtual Tours

Tour guides can host virtual tours and market their unique itineraries to a global audience. This innovative approach not only opens up a new revenue stream but also allows guides to maintain engagement with clients, particularly during the off-season. It's an excellent way for professionals in the tourism industry to diversify their offerings and stay connected with travelers year-round.

Hospitality Training

Our platform is an invaluable tool for tour directors, guides, hotel staff, and other professionals in the hospitality sector, catering to a wide array of training and simulation needs. Whether it's honing customer service skills, managing unique scenarios, or familiarizing oneself with new destinations, our app serves as a comprehensive resource for enhancing industry expertise.


We are partnering with leading travel expos globally to offer an innovative virtual space for hosting showcases. Our platform is versatile, catering both to travel enthusiasts and professionals in the industry. Whether it's to engage with a broad audience of travel aficionados or to provide a more focused experience strictly for industry experts, our virtual showrooms are designed to facilitate meaningful connections and interactions in the world of travel.

Travel Agents tool

Connect with your travel agent directly through the app. For travel agents, this platform offers an opportunity to engage with clients and provide them with a detailed overview of their upcoming trip experiences.

VR for good

If you're an environmental advocate, have a compelling story, or are a climate change activist, our platform is your gateway to connecting with a global audience. Share the issues close to your heart, whether it is climate change, environmental protection, or cultural preservation -  initiate meaningful conversations, and drive change. Your voice matters – start making a difference here.

Meet the students

We had an opportunity to speak in front of the students from the software engineering club at Florida Gulf Coast University. What a welcoming and curious group of bright students!  We discussed several collaboration opportunities in the upcoming school year.


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